Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss - Larry Edwards

Book Update
Dare I Call It Murder?
July 8, 2013

Book Release: July 9, 2013

Win a Prize

Tomorrow, my impartial wife, Janis, will draw names at random from the book's mailing list and award some prizes. (No purchase required.) If you received this via email, you're already on the mailing list and do not need to sign up again.

Please check in at Noon to say hello and see if you won a prize, which include a Kindle and a number of books—hardcovers, paperbacks and ebooks. Winners will be notified by email, and unless you object, the names will be posted on Facebook and my blog.

Final Excerpt

I have posted the final book excerpt, this one about discovering Ann Rule's inaccurate account of my parents' deaths.

Blog Post

New blog post: True-Crime Writer Gets It Wrong.

Where to Buy

Many of you have asked where to get a copy of the book. By sometime tomorrow, I will have an updated list with links to booksellers. In addition to U.S. booksellers, the list includes vendors in Australia, Japan, Poland, and South America, all thanks to the Internet. Truly amazing. (If you want an autographed copy, you can order it directly from me.)

A portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to Survivors of Violent Loss or similar organizations dedicated to providing support to survivors of violent or criminal death.

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Thank you for taking an interest in my book. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me, and without it this book would never have been completed.

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