Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss - Larry Edwards

Our society has an unmet need: professionally trained therapists who understand the distinction between natural death and violent/criminal death.

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Larry Edwards at the helm of the Spellbound, 1977

Larry Edwards at the helm
of the Spellbound, 1977

Author's Note

Surviving a violent loss is a journey—a journey of emotional trauma, anger, grief, denial, and depression. A journey no one wants to take.

Yet, when you have lost a loved one to violent death, you have no choice. It comes uninvited and unanticipated. You are blindsided. You are driving through an intersection of life when a contemptuous scofflaw plows into you.

Your life is never the same.

There is no going back.

The journey begins.

This book recounts my journey. A journey I wouldn't wish on anyone. But if my telling this story proves helpful to others, then it takes on greater meaning. It expands the value of the work and lifts it to a higher plane.

To that end, my intent is that this book serves a broader purpose than simply laying out the untold story of my parents' deaths and refuting the errors in previously published material. I want to see this book generate greater awareness of and conversations about violent loss and its impact on the survivors and their families.

Our society has an unmet need: professionally trained therapists who understand the distinction between natural death and violent/criminal death. Survivors of violent loss and criminal death often suffer from intense anger, severe depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therapists trained in the fundamentals of dealing with this type of loss are better able to help the survivors through what's become known as complicated bereavement to develop the resilience they need to lead more productive, happier lives.

In addition, I believe that survivors of violent loss will benefit from this book through knowing they are not alone, that there are others who have endured the traumatic grief, anger, and sense of injustice that accompanies such a loss—that there are others who understand that survivors are not "crazy," but that this is the "new normal." Together, we comfort one another and strengthen our innate resilience to persevere and find joy in our lives.

Perhaps even more important, I believe members of the extended family, as well as friends and associates of those who have suffered such a loss, will benefit from knowing that while survivors of violent loss might put on a polite or even smiling public face, grief and anger may be gnawing away at their guts.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Survivors of Violent Loss Program or other organizations serving a similar purpose.

The information presented in this work is factual. It is based not only on my memories, but journals and records I kept over the years, as well as correspondence, published news accounts, legal documents, meetings with French and American law-enforcement officers, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's report on the murder investigation of the deaths of Loren and Joanne Edwards. Any errors or misstatements are unintentional.

The conversations and correspondence portrayed in this work are condensed for brevity and clarity while maintaining the essence and factual nature of their original content. The names of some individuals mentioned in this work have been changed and are denoted by an asterisk (*) following the first reference.

Larry M. Edwards
San Diego, California

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Release date
July 9, 2013

Marking the 35th anniversary year
of the deaths of Loren and Jody Edwards

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